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The Best Cheesecake in the World Is Coming to Manila!

From all the way to Osaka, Japan to Metro Manila, Philippines, everyone mark your calendars because Pablo will be taking us by storm.

Save the date: on September 15, 2016, the first-ever branch of Pablo will be opening at Robinsons Place Manila. The world-famous cheesecake shop, titled as home to the “Best Cheesecake in the World” is soon to set up shop and bless us with the dessert. So be ready for very long lines; this is what the hungry masses have been waiting for.

As early as late 2014, a lot of malls have carried big tarpaulins promising a Pablo opening. After years of waiting, it’s finally happening. Pablo, the once humble shop in Osaka aiming to replicate New York’s original cheese tart dessert has created its own kind and voila! They now serve seventeen branches across main cities in Japan and also in other countries of their one-of-a-kind cheesecake.

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Pablo’s game-changing cheesecake is to die for. But what’s the proof? You can have it to your own liking: oh-so gooey cheese or the firmer one, take your pick. You want it, you have it. Seasonal fusions of cheese tart dessert and other desserts are served as well. You have ice creams, puddings and other cheeses in tow. But for sure, what you want to get a bite of is the divine cheesecake the world loves.

Let us thank Suyen Corporation for picking the Philippines as next in line for the international expansion of Pablo. However delayed it may be (the opening was originally set in July of 2015), we are still very thrilled to say the least.

So while waiting, plan now how to go about the frenzy around Pablo. Line up early, invite your barkada, learn how to control your excitement and be ready to dig in to cheese. Because it’s not just some new pop-up shop that you are queuing for. It’s the best cheesecake in the world!



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