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Buendia Food By The Court Makati Brings Great Food at Basketball Court

Buendia Food by the court is conveniently located at Sen. G Puyat, Avenue in Makati. It’s the newest and one of the unique food parks in Manila. Before heading to that place, we give you a list of the best food stalls you will find in the area.

Little Kodo

Offers Japanese food that you should absolutely try. Our best recommendation, try their food ramen, and takoyaki.

Bakmi Nyonya

Asian fusion food specializing in Indonesian cuisine. You will find a traditional Indonesian food consist of steamed rice, mixed with vegetable, soup plus a side dish of meat or fish. Worth a try.   

Rouche Grille

All new gastronomic adventure serving you steaks, pasta and pizza and even healthy food. This will give a new taste to your palate with a healthy twist of indulgement to grilled food. 

Korvits Grill

Specialize in grilled goat meat serving you pulutan and even ulam. This is good to health conscious foodie giving you less saturated fat and less cholesterol grilled meal.

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Brother’s Blends

Make sure you know what you put into your mouth. Brother’s Blends give you local farm produce carefully studied by licensed Dieticians. This is a perfect partner for your meal giving you the healthiest and thirst quenching drink you will ever have. 

Burgers Meet Wings

For a change, try this one. Yummy colored burgers come with natural, green, bluish and pink colors. It has all natural colorant burgers and Instagram-worthy as well. 


Goto Pinoy

We will just tell you what you find here and you decide. Lugawan, bulalohan, egg caldo, binagoongan, kalderetang baka, cheese turon, atbp. Want to miss this? We don’t think so. 

Barrel Smoker

People rave for this. One of the best grilled food you will ever find in Buendia Food By The Court. Smoke and grilled barbeque meat that will surely satisfy your meat craving.

Other food stalls you will find at the place.

  • Ice Cold – All about drinks
  • Rojak Salad – Offers healthy food
  • Mad Subs – Make your own sandwich
  • Lameza Cantina – Serves mojitos and enchiladas
  • Sisig Mnl – Delicious sisig
  • Jack’s Point – Persian-inspired cuisine
  • TAPAdiction – All about tapa



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