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Food trip? Try Area 2 in UP Diliman. Simply Awesome!

UP Diliman homes different kinds of students but most of them visit a common place to eat and hangout. There are several restaurants in UP Diliman campus, two of them are the Chocolate Kiss Cafe and Rodic’s Diner. Aside from these, there is one more destination to complete your UP Diliman food trip in Area 2.

Located at JP Laurel Street inside the UP campus, Area 2 includes cheap but delicious food options, which students and professionals alike visit and thrive on. How to go there? If you’re commuting, you can take any Jeepneys going inside the UP Diliman campus, then alight once you’ve seen the UP Philpost office. Area 2 is beside Philpost.

Area 2 in UP Diliman has several establishments, and is known as UP Diliman’s eat-street. Here are some of the places you could visit:


Jing’s Lutong Bahay ( P60-P100)

Jing’s Lutong BahayLutong Bahay, or LB as it is more commonly called, has been considered by many students as the go-to if they ever crave for the “lutong-bahay” kind of food. One of the first establishments in Area 2, LB is also famous for its mango-graham shake which will cool you down after walking in the heat.

Must-try: Mango-graham shake

Endless Summer Cafe (P59-P100)
Endless Summer Cafe

Whenever you walk by Area 2 in UP Diliman, Endless Summer is one of the restaurants that don’t run out of customers. People always come back to this place not just for its food, but also for its interior and ambiance. Endless Summer offers sizzling silog meals, and smoothies. Must-try: Pork sisig, choco banana chocnut smoothie

The Snack Shack (P75-P175)

The Snack ShackIf you don’t feel like eating rice, The Snack Shack is your spot in Area 2 in UP Diliman. Their big burgers will surely keep you full. Plus, they grill the patties where you can see them so you can ensure the freshness of their products. Must-try: Quarter-pounder burger


Maerindal (P49-P100)Maerindal

Maerindal is one of the newly opened stalls in Area 2 in UP Diliman. It offers waffles, sandwiches, and pasta which would satisfy your hunger during merienda.

Must-try: Sisig pasta

Coffee Hub (P55-P120)

Coffee HubTo fix your coffee shake cravings, you should visit Coffee Hub. They offer coffee-based shakes and beverages. Aside from that, they also have pasta, sandwiches and rice meals. Plus, they offer a free upsize on your drink during 7pm to 9pm.

Must-try: Chicken sisig, coffee jelly shake

Iskomai + Iskorambol (P12-P50)

Iskomai and IskorambolNothing screams sulit and “UP Diliman kainan” better than Iskomai + Iskorambol. For only 25 pesos, you can already eat 6 pieces of pork siomai, and 17 pesos for the Iskorambol, which would surely help you beat the heat around campus. Iskomai + Iskorambol is definitely a student’s haven, and will ultimately complete your food trip in UP Diliman.

Must-try: Iskomai and Iskorambol (with your choice of toppings)


Tilin Asian Street Kitchen (P79-P89)

Tilin Asian Street Kitchen

Looking for some satay and other Asian cuisine? Tilin Asian Street Kitchen is one of the best restaurants in the UP Diliman campus which offers a variety of Vietnamese, Thai, and Indonesian food.

Must-try: Nasi Goreng, Singaporean Pork Ribs



Unsure where to take your next lunch break, and you’re in Diliman? Or just looking for places to add in your food trip in UP Diliman? Straight ahead to Area 2 in UP Diliman and visit one of the places listed above! Your hunger will surely perish, and you won’t ever have to find another lunch spot again.


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