9 Tourist Spots in Sarangani Province That Will Make You Awe


9 Tourist Spots in Sarangani Province That Will Make You Awe

At the southern tip of Mindanao lies the best kept secret of the island – Sarangani province. Part of SOCCKSARGEN, it abounds with adventure from mountain to sea. Its wonders include white sandy beaches, rivers, rainforests, years-old relics and abysses.

A one hour and a half flight from Manila or Cebu to General Santos City, then a highway land trip will take you to Sarangani. Once there, you can begin your escapade to the culturally and naturally vibrant province.

Find serenity, adventure and good food you’re seeking in these 11 Sarangani tourist spots.

Gumasa Beach, Glan

The oldest town in Sarangani, Glan shows glimpses of the Spanish times everywhere. But what defines it more is the famous Gumasa Beach. This sea gem at the west side gleams with turquoise water and pristine shores of white sand. It is not a question why it is one of the best beaches in Mindanao.

The Sarangani Bay Festival launches here yearly. But after the beach party has died, the soft sea breeze and the music of waves return. The tropical allure makes you want to lounge by the seashore all day and wait for the golden sunset to come.

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Kiamba Baywalk

Kiamba is an old town on the west side of Sarangani, considered a paradise by locals and tourists alike. One highlight to behold as you walk the plaza to the coast is the Kiamba Baywalk. To get there, you would be crossing a lovely bridge. Go on a romantic walk or quiet stroll here. A perfect view of the waters from the baywalk comes shortly.

Catch a glimpse of the Sarangani sunrise and sunset. Gaze into the horizon as the wave crashes. Eat good food. Or do all three. Restaurants nicely line the walk so you can dine as you enjoy the seaside view.

Nalus Falls, Kiamba

Kiamba keeps a myriad of waterfalls and Nalus Falls is one of them. Touted the “Granite Boulder Spot”, huge boulders of granite give way to the water. Lush forests, lots of fish and a good current of water make the experience at the falls great.

Take a plunge and swim. Even though short and narrow, the massaging water rush will relax you. You can also hike to the higher parts of the boulders there. When not swimming by the water, you can do scrambling, bouldering and rappelling.

Maasim, Tinoto Reef

Bountiful and bright, the Tinoto Wall atop Tampuan Point is a must-try diving spot for reef fanatics. Big corals and sea fans, sea anemones, sea turtles and dugong are just very few of what you will see (and swim with) under the surface. All this diversity makes it a bliss for scuba diving and snorkeling. Just rent out gear on nearby resorts and dive into the deep blue to discover an amazing marine world.

Pawikan Sanctuary

For years, we have feared for the endangerment of the pawikan, but the motivation of one local to start the Pawikan Nesting Sanctuary in Maitum has sparked hope for Filipinos. Tourists can learn about the different species that the sanctuary keeps, and if you’re lucky, you even get to release baby pawikan out into the beaches. Among the tourist spots in this list, this would probably bring the most heartwarming experience of them all.


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Olanivan Island

Olanivan is a remote round island with breathtaking scenery. Like the other beaches in this list, clear waters and white sands are staples. Visitors can also tour the old lighthouse situated since the American Occupation, and fraternize with the locals who enjoy tourists’ company.

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Lamlifew Tribal Museum

Initiated by the Lamlifew Tribal Women’s Association in late 2007, this museum is the first village museum in the Philippines. The bamboo house was made in traditional Blaan (the local tribe name) design and contains a growing collection of artifacts, mostly handcrafted by the Blaan women themselves. Aside from being a museum, it is also a workshop for Blaan weavers and craftswomen, where tourists get to observe how traditional textiles and trinkets are made.

IML Ecopark

The Ireneo Miguel Lopez (IML) Ecopark on a peak in Lumasal Village, Maasim is perfect for family vacations or barkada getaways. Climb over a thousand steps and be rewarded with a breath-taking view of Sarangani Bay and the greenery. The sumptuous Filipino dishes served in their restaurant will also reward the palate.

IML has a 600-m long, 200-ft high zip line, a marksmanship shooting range, and a blue-as-the-sky swimming pool, ensuring an activity-packed trip. The mountainside view alone will take away your stress for relaxation. If one day is not enough for your enjoyment, rooms for overnight stay are available.

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Baliton Beach

Yet another white sand beach that has made the list. It’s probably one of the best tourist spots in Sarangani province. Aside from the exquisite quality that a beach can offer, visitors of Baliton Beach can also go explore marine life through dolphin and whale spotting.


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White Water River Tubing (Maitum, Sarangani)

The Pangi River is unapologetic to take you on a wet and wild rush. Down its raging rapids, you can take a 30-minute tumble down the river. You do this with tube, simply a rubber tire. As you go into the intense ride, you will be passing rocks and boulders. Be sure to have your vest and helmet on.

Whitewater tubing here at Barangay La Union, Maitum is the drenching of a lifetime. It begins with the habal-habal ride to the site of jump-off, then on you go to wet fun!

There is definitely more to Sarangani than its pretty beaches. The diverse travel treasures are worth taking to curb your wanderlust. So for your next getaway, head on to the beautiful province of Sarangani. It is undeniably one of the best in the Philippines. Go on and discover its splendor.

Lemlunay Resort

Life in Lemlunay is blissful and tranquil. Drop off from a van ride going to Sarangani from General Santos City, and you will be transported into a relaxing seaside haven. You can gaze into the horizon of Sarangani Bay as you splash in the infinity pool.

By the sea, Lemlunay is a snorkeling and diving hotspot in Maasim for many. The crystal waters are full of colorful fish and corals as Sarangani Bay’s premier coral reef is just in front of the resort. Water sports such as kayaking, banana boat and hobie cat are also offered there, keeping your sea schedule full.

Safi Ranch

Up on a cliff, run as fast as you can, then jump into the breath-taking scenery. Paragliding is splendid and heart-racing in Safi Ranch at Barangay Seguil, Maasim. It’s a world-class experience to be flying about a vista of hard rock and limestone. The experience will raise your adrenaline but will fill your vision with striking Sarangani Bay as the winds lift you high above the ranges of Maasim.

Kalon-Barak Skyline

Who wouldn’t want to conquer a 360-degree view atop a mountain? The Kalon-Barak Skyline gives you that experience. At the top of Mt. Matutum, from the B’laan village of Kalon-Barak, the sight is grand. Mt. Apo, Sarangani Bay and Davao Gulf can be seen from all directions.

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The Kalon-Barak is notable also because the last of the B’laan tribes live there. Currently, there are three villages of the tribes.

Tuka Marine Park

Azure waters with white fine beaches coupled with lush forests greet you after a boat ride towards Tuka Marine Park. One of the four coves in the region, this coastal beauty is diverse with marine life and coral gardens. Snorkeling and diving are the foremost things to do to see for one’s self the underwater diversity there. As night time approaches, stroll along the beach to view the majestic sunset.

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Pinol Cave

Faces and figures on ancient earthenware captures your curiosity at Pinol Cave. Located at Barangay Maitum, this site is a cultural wealth in Mindanao. The exciting finds here such as jars and other pottery reflect early Filipinos’ culture. If you want a visit to a Filipino past, visit this rich cave.

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