Imagine Sailing The Philippines Ocean For 8 Long Months. It’s Awesome!

We know you guys love sailing in the Philippines and wouldn’t be great to explore hundreds of islands in our country?  It would be such an amazing experience to stay laid back, relax and enjoy the beach for a very long time?  Not to worry about work and other stuff?

Well, these guys did it. They have the best sailing adventures, ever. They are on a mission to sail the world with their S/V Delos, a 53 feet sailboat. They have been exploring Asia and some other parts of the globe and personally, I got very jealous following their sailing adventures around the Philippines.

S/V Delos with Brian and Karin and other sailing enthusiasts.

S/V Delos Instagram

Brian and Erin start the journey and along the way, they meet friends and become part of their adventure. They have some great posts and photos about our culture, tourist places and the people. If you are an avid sailing enthusiast or want to try this kind of adventure, you should check their videos.

I fell in love with the Philippines during our time in Asia. We had the plan to stay for two months but ended up staying eight. Brian

Sorry, I can’t skip this. I got to say, Brian has a resemblance of Dan Belzerian, the King of Instagram. If you know what I mean.

S/V Delos Instagram

We really connected with the locals and pulled into so many villages for food and drinks.brian

This particular series is interesting. They travelled Siquijor, witnessed cockfighting and tried “witch doctor” healing style. 


More videos?

S/V Delos’ sailing in the Philippines Youtube channel HERE.