Enter the Door to the World of Art at Pinto Art Museum

Pinto Art Museum

Enter the Door to the World of Art at Pintô Art Museum

Pintô, Filipino for door, must perhaps be one of the best art museums within the vicinity of Metro Manila to date. Once you visit the place, you would know why.

Art, landscape and architecture beautifully merge in Pintô Art Museum. The place might be an artwork in itself. With its Mediterranean-themed villas, green gardens, and galleries upon galleries of artwork, Pintô is truly a place worth visiting.

Contemporary art fills the museum: paintings, sculptures, installations, themed exhibits and everything in between. The mish mash of art can never bore anyone. Moreover, the beauty is in the spatial element too. The villas that house the art are very spacious and airy, perfect for relaxed viewing and strolling. Furthermore, outside and in between galleries, the greenery is very alive and refreshing. To add to these, the natural scenery can even be arguably better than the man-made art.

How to Get There

Pintô humbly hides in a residential area like a diamond in a cave. It stands at #1 Sierra Madre Street, Grand Heights, Antipolo City. Nicely, this is just minutes away from the metro. If coming from Cubao or anywhere in Quezon City, Marikina or Pasig, take an Antipolo jeep or FX with the sign Simbahan. Then, ask to be dropped off at Ynares Center, and from there, take a tricycle to Pintô. When you get into the subdivision, the first street to the right is where the museum is. The white façade will greet you. Finally, you have arrived at the museum.

Admission Fee

For the vastness of the place, Pintô is generous with its entrance fees. Adults, the fee is P180. Students with ID, P100. Senior citizens, there is a 20% discount for a fee of P150. And for children below three years old, it’s free.

Because the whole space itself is lovely, it’s not a stranger to photoshoots. The rates are P7,500 and P15,000, depending on the amenities you have access to.

Pintô is Special

What sets this museum apart? You might ask.

Let us begin with its lovely beginnings. One of the best neurologist in the country, Dr. Joven Cuanang, discovered a group of local artists from Antipolo named Saling Pusa. These young artists who didn’t have a name were given a chance to showcase their work. And from then on, Pintô has grown as a vital art hub.

Now, we get a bustling museum that lives and breathes art. The white walls, the steps that lead to a view of the green landscape, the wooden panels of many artwork – the place is alive. Plus, to everyone’s utmost delight, Pintô is one of the very few art places that allow pictures of artwork to be taken. Evidently, almost everyone who comes here photograph their experience. And what nice photos the place makes! Each and every corner owns a certain type of beauty which will make a visitor snap pictures on end.

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Another exciting thing is, the artists are present some days in the museum. When they are there, they would take you on a tour around the museum. Wouldn’t it be nice to hear about the stories behind the art and the museum from the artists themselves? Definitely yes. It would be a great bonus to have an artist as company around the museum instead of just wandering on your own.

However, the flagship thing about Pintô is the art that it keeps. Numerous galleries await for you there. For instance, the Main Gallery proudly houses the huge Saling Pusa named Karnabal. Also, there is the Indigenous Art filled with interesting textile and ancient sculpture. Moving on to other galleries, you will find rooms for erotic art, for art with themes on love, and spaces exhibiting art for a certain artist. Moreover, there is sound, motion picture, mixed media, etc. Further exploration will lead you to a special room called The Forest, a serene place filled with bamboo stalks and ponds of water. And many, many more are to be discovered around.

Plus Spaces

When you have had a fill of art and culture appreciation, know that there is more to find here. There is a chapel, two cafés, a library and an open coliseum. Also, there is a budding hall (still under construction) that might probably be an events place. To add to that, peppered all over the lush gardens are comfortable chairs and cushions to enjoy the fresh air.

Pinto Art Museum Cafe

The Pintô Art Museum makes the experience much richer. Why? Because it gives you a great overview of the vast greenery as you rest and eat from strolling around. More importantly, the menu provides delicious dishes perfect to complement your artistic adventure. These include BBQ ribs and Ilocos bagnet. Also, they serve a very tasty Trio Pizza. Another, they offer a savory fried shrimp platter.

On the whole, Pintô is one of the best venues for art near Manila. To be visiting there is to be entering a new world of art and culture. For all its generosity and ingenuity, Pintô Art Museum should be one of the places to mark off your bucket list.

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