Palawan Island Philippines: World’s Best Beach Beating Santorini, Greece

Great news! Palawan island Philippines is once again the best island in the whole world!

Famous for its pristine blue waters and picture-perfect sceneries, Palawan is named as the “Best Island in the World” by international magazine Travel and Leisure. This is Palawan’s second time to be the top destination in this list, after getting the spot last 2013.

Garnering a score of 93.71, Palawan is described as “a wonderful and magical place” and “every beach lover’s dream destination”. Indeed, Palawan is perfect for scuba diving and snorkelling adventures. It is also the home of a five-mile-long underground river, one of the world’s new wonders of nature.

How to go:

To go to Palawan, you can choose to ride an airplane to Puerto Princesa International Airport. Since Palawan is a top summer destination, there are several airlines that provide direct flights to other places in Palawan like Coron and El Nido. There are also ferries going in and out of Puerto Princesa.

The best time to go:

The best times to go to Palawan are during the months of October to May, where rainfall is minimal. There are also a lot of travel agencies which offer Palawan travel packages. Most of them include a trip to Puerto Princesa Underground River, a Honda Bay Island tour, where you can swim and go snorkelling, and an Irawan Eco Adventure tour, where you can experience ride the longest forest canopy zipline in Asia.

Palawan is not the only Philippines’ summer destination included in the list. On second place is the island of Boracay, which is famous for its white sand beach, while Cebu ranks sixth on the list.

More To Read:

Here’s the list:

The World’s Best Islands

1. Palawan Philippines 93.17
2. Boracay, Philippines 90.47
3. Ischita, Italy 90.22
4. Waiheke Island, New Zealand 90.00
5. Santorini, Greece 89.07
6. Cebu, Philippines 88.65
7. Maui, Hawaii 88.55
8. Hilton Head, South Carolina 88.35
9. Kauai, Hawaii 88.33
10. Bali, Indonesia 88.24


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