2016 Inspiring Travel Blog Sites In The Philippines That You Should Follow

travel blog sites in the Philippines 2016
Filipino travel bloggers that are making big waves

Who doesn’t love to travel?

Summer in the Philippines may almost be over but not your travel plans. We all love it and want to feel the tingle of travel excitement. There’s the 88 provinces in the Philippines or simply travel the 197 countries in the world. It doesn’t have to be grand nor expensive. You can still travel in style with “nothing that much” on your pocket. All you need are your basic things and pack smart.

For inspiration, there are thousands of Philippine travel blogs and the number is immensely growing everyday. The sheer volume can be very helpful and you can find few gems. So, we wanted to give you the best travel blog sites in the Philippines that everyone is talking about.

These are the brave Filipino adventurers who decide to share their amazing stories, tips, anecdotes, great knowledge and awesome travel experiences. We hope this list can be your new travel inspiration.

So get ready, pack up your bag, travel up, and prepare to be amazed!!!

1. Pinoy Adventurista Pinoy Adventurista

Three years ago, Mervin has set foot all the 81 provinces in the Philippines and ever since he is traveling with no end anywhere. He focuses on local tourism and indulges in mountaineering and back-packing, documenting it all in his travel guide blog. His blog and his Instagram account is really exciting and it can be very useful as he shares stunning local destinations, tips and the best places to eat, drink and everything in between. Pinoy Adventurista is truly a huge inspirations to a lot of travel junkies and wannabes.

2. Blissful GuroBlissfulguro

Currently in Malaysia, this great blog is managed by Carla, a full time public school teacher and a true traveler.

Carla documents her experiences as she travels the Philippines and around the world when she is not teaching. Her blog is truly inspiring as she writes in tagalog and narrates her teaching experiences with her students.

3. Solitary Wanderer
Solitary Wanderer Blog

Aleah, the Solitary Wanderer travels for architecture, food, natural wonders and street art. She has been in 24 countries, mostly backpacking. She has gone paragliding in Nepal, hiked the Machu Picchu in Peru, rode a camel in the desert of Wadi Rum in Jordan and of course, enjoyed her solitude in the meandering alleys of Santorini. Awesome adventure welcomes you to her website.

4. We Are Sole SistersWeAreSoleSisters

We Are Sole Sisters is a community of women who empower other women to travel. It was started by 2 girls from the Philippines who quit their jobs and went on a 6 month backpacking trip through 9 countries in Asia.

Lois, the original co-founder, recently went on a weeklong road trip with her husband and 1 year old daughter. Their adventure started from the north of Portugal to the city of Porto, and to the south of Lisbon. Emma is building a school in Nepal. Adi just finished her Latin America sojourn. Sarah is enjoying life as an expat in Hong Kong and Julienne is embracing her adventures in Madrid. They are able to share their awesome lives while traveling and continue to inspire women to explore and enjoy life.

5. Two Monkeys Travel


The two monkeys travel group started as a blog by Kach ( from the Philippines ) and Jonathan ( from UK). Because of their popularity, it has grown to a community blog that features writers from all over the world such as Singapore,  USA, South Korea and Finland. They have more than 20 blog contributors who share tips, stories, city guides, reviews and travel experiences.

The two met in Southeast Asia when Jonathan was on a motorbike trip and Kach was backpacking with her brother and sister. They fell in love, became a couple and everything follows was awesome.


6. P.S. I’m On My Waypsimonmyway as one of the top travel blog sites in the Philippines

P.S. I’m on my way is about an adventurous solo female traveler named Trisha from Subic, Philippines.  Her blog is considered as one of the top travel blog sites in the Philippines. She has a very cool and immersive blog style as she brings you to the culture of her travel experience.  It’s all about having an awesome adventure featuring great food, local languages and great culture of the people. As a travel blogger, she is doing it authentically and independently with a style.

7. PAULA THE EXPLORERPaula the explorer blog

Paula the explorer offers travel tips, honest opinion on hotels and destination guides around the world. Locally, she has been in 70 provinces in the Philippines and her blog is packed with interesting stories and great photos. Apart from tips, musing and amazing photographs, Paula the explorer also gives you valuable advice on recycling, home and gardening and a lot more as she shares her adventures to her thousands of readers everyday.

8. Iron WolfIron Wulf Blog

Ferdz Decena is behind this award winning travel blog. He has received several accolades and continues to instill amazing photos and adventures. His works has been published from numerous global media where he takes you around the Philippines to discover rare gems and great locations. Amongst all the travel blogs in the Philippines, none tells stories so beautifully through photographs other than the IronWulf. Truly breathtaking!

9.  I Am Aileen 

I Am Aileen Blog Site

Aileen quit her corporate job to follow her dreams and that is, to travel around the world. Aileen’s blog and her amazing life story will definitely inspire you to achieve what you truly desire as she documents her stories and travel experiences. Her blog has a tremendous growing reputation as she has been featured on National Geographic, BBC, The Huffington Post, etc. Her mission? To show that you can make a wonderful life out of traveling.


Did we miss other great travel blog sites in the Philippines? Comment down below.


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