Food is Abloom in Lilac–An Incredible Food Trip in Lilac Street Marikina

Food trip in Lilac street Marikina

In the second district of Marikina City, a food hub has been up and rising in recent years – Lilac Street. Found in Concepcion Dos, Marikina, it has been marked by food lovers and simple adventurers alike for their next great food trip. A few of the pioneer restaurants stand strong along the street, but many new places have been surprising people upon each visit.

Lilac Street’s modest appeal compared with those of really big and busy food districts really adds to its charm. Many of its cafes and eat-outs are owned by the residents of the village where this street runs, making the cooking more heart-felt and genuine, thus increasing diners’ eating experience. However, this food lover’s lane is not one to look down to. It boasts of a diverse line of bars, tea shops, and restaurants that can compete with those at the center of metropolis.

These humble establishments are some of the great food hubs that await at the strip:

  1. Concho’s Home of Sisig Goodnessfood trip in Lilac street Marikina

The good breeze and the good view are the great pluses of this pork-centric restaurant. Among the items on their menu are Super Size Sisig and the classic Dynamite. Though the place itself is cool and casual, perfect for relaxation while munching away, the food is great and savory. Try their Concho’s Sisig at only P149!

2F RAL Bldg, 48 Lilac St

  1. Pink Chiffon

Desserts abound in this majorly cake place, but Pink Chiffon also serves savory dishes. The cakes that they have are only sold as whole cakes, but the flavors of the cakes can be availed and tasted in cupcake form. If you’re in for lunch or dinner, get a plate of Chicken Galantina (P140), or if you’re in for the sweets, try anything from their wide array of delicious cupcakes.

Lilac St, near Makiling

  1. Leon’s Bistrofood trip in Lilac street Marikina

Pastas, salads, rice meals and even alcohol – Leon’s Bistro almost has it all. This is the perfect spot to dine and chill, have a fulfilling dinner of Salpicao and maybe have a bottle or two of beer. It is a perfect place for a barkada hang-outs or just a chill dinner out. A must-order is their P225 of Baby Back Ribs and the Surf and Turf for P295.

GF 10 Lilac St

  1. Burrito Brothersfood trip in Lilac street Marikina

Mexican food in Marikina! And at very friendly prices for the yummy Mejico goodies too. Every bite of their flavorful burritos and nachos are not enough so that you have to order more. One such delish quick bite is their Chimichanga for P105. This is a tortilla stuffed with sautéed chicken, potatoes, cheese, herbs and spices.

69 Lilac St 

  1. Forget Me Notfood trip in Lilac street Marikina

Nothing beats the food at home cooked with love by Mom, but a tough competitor goes by the Forget Me Not restaurant. They offer special lutong-bahay dishes that does not fail to capture the heart and the tummy, and the restaurant feels and looks like home. The sofas, frames and floors are as cozy as can be. Time spent here would surely be relaxing and warm.

41 Lilac St

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  1. Peter’s Wingers & Burger Shackfood trip in Lilac street Marikina

Big burgers, wide wings and packed with extra challenge, these are what Peter’s Wingers & Burger Shack brings you. With a menu full of witty burger names and chicken wings, you would be intrigued to try almost anything. And here’s the scoop: they have a pain challenge whoever dares to try. Finish their Stupid Spicy Wings (P185/solo) in under 6 minutes and you get it free, just keep your tongue from burning.

48 Lilac St

  1. Singlishfood trip in Lilac street Marikina

The handsome wooden panels that line the walls would catch your eye and make you feel at ease inside. On the other hand, what would ease your hunger is the Singapore-Malaysian cuisine. While in a relaxing vibe, you can order a hot bowl of Laksa for only P193, and maybe snap a few pictures too with the beautiful rustic interiors.

60-C Lilac St

  1. Brad and Pit’s Ribshackfood trip in Lilac street Marikina

There are ribs, wings and steak, beer, and a great outdoor seating in this Latino-vintage-Hollywood feeling place. The higly-rated food here (because of the ensured tastiness, juiciness and the melts-in-your-mouth kind of softness) is made more enjoyable with the great ambience of the place.

116 Lilac St

  1. Mandi’s Grill Grubfood trip in Lilac street Marikina

Don’t let looks deceive you with this one; Mandi’s Grill Grub might be a small place, but their service and their food are great. The food is super delicious and memorable that many people mark this resto as the best one there is in Lilac. Some of the dishes that make it as the favorite and the most outstanding food place is their Crispy Baby Back Ribs that from the look alone, makes you want to dig in and eat voraciously. No kidding.

73 Unit 1, Lilac St 

  1. Mogu Tree Noodle Housefood trip in Lilac street Marikina

This noodle house is one with Asian flare – noodles are the main point in the menu, but they also offer claypot rice meals and dimsums. You can try their bestseller, Laksa Noodle, which is a true winner because of the just-right spiciness and flavorful turmeric broth. Also expect a very accommodating and warm staff that will make your eating experience more pleasant.

60-E Lilac St

Marikina City is not only the shoe capital of the country after all. Many great food finds are here and Lilac street is great proof to this. Head on to this up-and-coming street for your next gastronomical pleasure trip!

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