Why Everyone Loves Box Park Congressional In Quezon City

Box park in Quezon City
Box Park In Quezon City is your new go-to place for great food. It is the newest food park in town with different food choices.

10 Reasons Why Box Park Congressional In Quezon City Is The Place To Go This Week 

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Location 73 Block 2 Lot 28, Congressional Ave, Tandang Sora, Quezon City
Opening Hours Monday to Sunday from 3pm to 12am

Box Park Philippines, one of the food parks in Quezon City, is a northern counterpart of Maginhawa’s StrEAT. It is definitely the new place every foodies should check.

  1. It’s basically a quieter version of StrEAT with more room for parking. Opened just a month ago, Box Park Congressional is relatively new, so the quiet part may not be that way for long. It’s best to check this out before larger crowds come and rave about it. Even so, the street in front is wide and stretched out enough for hassle-free and more spacious parking.
  2. Colonel Frank’s (gourmet hotdog) Commander in Cheese: it’s a hotdog with a copious serving of mac and cheese on top. A hot dog with mac and cheese AND bacon bits WITH potato chips. All these all-time favorite snacks in one bun will fill you right up. Colonel Frank’s also serves giant juice pouches, and the green apple and tamarind flavors taste amazing.

3. Who doesn’t love Thai food? The little bicycle cart that Thai Food has set up serves simple Thai dishes that would satisfy your late night Southeast craving.

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4. Box Park in Quezon CityTaco Tuesday! Plaza de Taqueria (Mexican Style Food) offers a discount on all the tacos on their menu. Their spicy shrimp tacos is a must-try!






5. Mashed potato and meat on a pie crust? Imagine that! The Machinator pie is basically a full meal. But don’t worry about not being able to try out other stalls after this. The Pie Guys make their pies in reasonable sizes

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6. Ah, yes. What’s a food trip without the essential finger foods made available in the area? The Fry Guys (Flavoured French Fries) is your go-to stall if you want cheesy, beefy, fries that are perfect for sharing.

7. If all you want during your visit is the good ol’ rice and ulam, plus a good dessert to go with, Porkfolio can satisfy your craving for a great main dish by serving you a good helping of pork cracklings.

Doesn't it make you hungry? Indulge and dine at @porkfolioporkcrackling tonight. See you at @boxparkmnl 🙂

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8. Churros have recently been crawling their way up the top food trends this year, but only a handful of stores live up to people’s expectations of a good churro. Look no further. With a mild buttermilk taste and their divine chocolate dip, Cajita definitely delivers.

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9. There’s nothing like pickled mangoes from Angelita’s to cleanse your palate and counteract the savory flavors you’ve had.

10. To end a perfect day for any foodie will be to have dessert. From the same owner of The Lost Bread in StrEAT, Diggins specializes in waffle sundaes instead of milkshakes. Customers get to choose from three flavors, and of course, like its sister shop, clever names go with the unique concoctions.

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So, have you decided it yet to go to Box Park in Congressional this week? Here’s the map:

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