16 Most Stunning Must-Climb Mountain Spots in the Philippines

See the world from the top!

16 Most Stunning Must-Climb Mountain Spots in the Philippines

Some of us were born to seek adventure and you don’t have to look far as our mountains and peaks offer you some of the world’ best mountain climbing spots in the Philippines. For those of us who define climbing by steps and stairs, the mountains spots in the Philippines are still worth viewing from the bottom!

Here’s a list of the must-climb Philippine mountains and peaks.

Mountains in Luzon

1. Mount Pico de Loro in Cavite, a volcano, is also known as Parrot’s Peak. As mountains in the Philippines go, this is not considered exceptionally difficult at 2, 178′ (feet). It’s popular with beginning hikers. The more experienced ones will have an easier time of it. There is a little bouldering necessary to complete this day hike. Views at the tops are worth it.

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2. Mount Pulag in Benguet reigns as the 3rd highest of the mountains in the Philippines at 9,587 feet in elevation. It is one of the world’s must climb mountains. For the new climbers, it will be a certain adventure and challenge. The more experienced can summit this mountain in one of the country’s top national parks.

3. Mount Timbak, at over 9,000 feet, fascinates both climbers and those interested in history thanks to the Timbac Caves (considered a spiritual destination) and its mummies. The local, ancient tribesmen once buried their dead in these caves. It is the country’s 9th highest peak set into a lush, green countryside. It’s a one-day, minor climb usually completed in 1.5 to 2.5 hours.

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4. Mayon Volcano is the country’s most famous volcanoes and one of the world’s most active. It sits at just over 8,000 feet on Luzon Island where the capital city of Manila is also located. It is one of the world’s most symmetrical volcanoes and one of the most beautiful. As an active volcano, its last major activity was December 2009, so it’s best to check with the “Philippine Institute of Volcanology & Seismology” for the latest reports.

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5. Mount Halcon is considered the toughest peak of the must climb mountains in the Philippines. At more than 9,000 feet it has a hiking season of mid-January to end of May and closed the rest of the year. It can take two days up and two down with a permit necessary.

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Mountains in Visayas

6. Mount Mantalingajan is a jungle beauty with indigenous tribes, forests, and unusual fauna and flora. It is a difficult climb even for the most experienced. It can take 4 to 5 days to summit and It’s not for the faint of heart.

7. Mount Mauyog is a popular hiking destination because it’s not a particularly steep hike. It is, however, a rather arduous and thick trail especially as you get close to the summit. It is part of the beautiful and verdant Central Cebu National Park and is often down as part of a larger hike with Mount Manuggal.

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8. Mount Manuggal is a mountain in Balamban, Cebu and only rises to about 1,003 feet. It, too, sits in the Central Cebu National Park. The mountain is considered historic because a former president, Ramon Magsaysay, was killed on this mountain in a plane crash. The climb is quite steep. Novice hikers/climbers can complete it in 4 to 7 hours while move advanced hikers in 2 to 3 hours.

9. Mount Mandalagan is a “potentially active” volcano and can be reached from Silay City. A major destination of the hike is the lagoon, Tinagong Dagat which is about a two-day trek. To best enjoy this mountain and all it has to offer, it’s recommended you take 3-5 days hiking. It’s rated medium difficulty to difficult hike.

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10. Mount Guiting Guiting is located on Sibuyan Island. Although not a long hike at about two days up and one back, it is considered among the mountains of the Philippines as one of the most challenging and technically difficult. It is not recommended for beginners, and it can take 3 days to summit.

11. Mount Macolod (also called Mt. Makulot) is located in the town of Cuenca and is very popular with climbers. It summits at 3,107 feet and located adjacent to Taal Lake. It is a day hike, but requires a guide. This is an arduous hike with numerous resting camps along the way.


Mountains in Mindanao

12. Mount Apo sits at about 9,692 feet and is the highest mountain of the Philippine Archipelago. It’s also a national Park. It is the country’s highest mountain volcano. Summiting and returning should take at least three days and you will need a permit to hike this mountain. This is considered a difficult mountain to summit. It is open year-round and is a major climbing destination.

13. Mount Kitanglad is a medium to difficult mountain to hike. It is the 4th tallest mountains in the Philippines. You’ll find bunkhouses with electricity at its summit. There are good trails along the way with beautiful vistas.

14. Mount Hibok-Hibok is a popular hiking and climbing site. It is one of the country’s active volcanoes and is monitored. It might be popular, but it is not an easy day hike especially for novices. Its shorter trail is technically challenging and at times the ascent is steep.

15. Mount Dulang Dulang is the 2nd highest mountain in the country at 9640 ft. It sits in some of the country’s most verdant and beautiful forests. It is surrounded by dense jungle in Bukidnon. The scenery is stunning. It should take the average climber approximately 4 days to complete the climb.

16. Mount Lumot is growing in popularity as a hiking destination in the Philippines. It’s another rich and verdant environment which could be why its name means “mosses”. Not only the is the hike up stunning, but at the summit climbers can view the peaks of Mt. Balatucan, Mt. Mangabon, and Mt. Hilong-Hilong. This trail is considered a medium-difficulty hike and should take about 3-days to summit.

The mossy forest of Mt. Lumot. Majestic and pristine.

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16 Most Stunning Must-Climb Mountain Spots in the Philippines

Trying any of these is definitely one hell of a great adventure. You can definitely include this as part of your New’s Year’s resolution. It’s worth it!

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